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Most of my writing is fictional and a lot of it just for fun. I spent much of my teen life hiding behind my stories and living through them processing the harsh world around me by putting my characters through the things I had to deal with and seeing how they fared, finding hope that if I could write a happy ending, I could find a happy ending. It was my fictional writing I always thought had a value, never my raw real heart felt truthful writing. God took me on a journey though, and showed me my most valuable story is my own because it is a part of His story. My journey is a journey with Him. Each day, every day, long before I ever knew it was Him, He was there. Calling me, speaking to me. He guided me through the challenges and held me close through my trials, even as I doubted him and cried out at the injustice of the world.

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My most valuable story is my own #WriteYourStory
Cait Montoya


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