Broken Wings

Written by Caitlyn Montoya. Posted in Fiction Writing

Scheduled Date of Second Draft Completion: April 2009
Started: January 2009
Status: Currently under literary review
Inspiration: High School
Dedications: None yet

How exactly do you survive public humiliation in high school? I’m sure it can be done but at the moment I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it through this episode. Someone else would inevitably do something worse and my public break-up with Heath would be forgotten, right?
I clutched the steering wheel a little tighter, I wasn’t sure if anyone could ever forget the humiliation I had just suffered. I probably didn’t help it at all by storming out of the school and pealing out of the parking lot being chased by the Spanish teacher who happened to be on parking lot duty today.

I was so mad at him. He had the nerve to break my heart in the middle of the cafeteria, I wanted to make him suffer. I wanted him to be just as humiliated as I was. So of course I pointed out all his short comings and I’m the one who looked like the raving lunatic and that cheating bastard walked out of there with more dignity than I did. It just didn’t seem fair. He could sleep with my best friend and than tell me in the middle of the lunch hour and walk out looking like the bigger person. Well at that moment I wasn’t the bigger person.

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