Custom Designed Bleach Shirt

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These shirts are totally cool looking and easy to make... as long as you don't go too extravagant with your stencils, we custom made the one in the picture and used the flashlight book for the kiddo's shirts.


  • Dark colored shirt
  • Spray adhesive
  • Spray bottle filled with 2 parts bleach 1 part water
  • Magazine paper or other semi waterproof paper
  • Exacto knife

Start by creating your design and cutting out the "negative area" of your design.

Spray adhesive the stencil to the shirt. Place a thick plastic object (we used a cutting board) inside the shirt to prevent the bleach from seeping through to the other side.

(We sprayed some water on this area to dilute the bleach effect)

Spray the shirt with bleach, the more you spray the 'whiter' it will get. You can splash heavy drops for cool effect too.

Hummingbird and Songbird Decorations

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So I'm totally loving hummingbirds and song birds right now.. okay birds in general are really fun to use in decoration. Here are two fun projects (and patterns) I used to creat a songbird and hummingbird picture. You can use these patterns to paint them or cut out on your favorite paper. I used bright colors but I can see them both in muted tones as well.

I picked out some of my favorite paper and drew in the pattern on the back of one cutting it out and them gluing it to the other as below. My two paints I did are below as well.

And the patterns:

Easy Paper Christmas Bunting

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I strung some stars across the wall for the kiddo's birthday party and when I took them down to put up Christmas stuff I felt like the wall was barren and empty so I had to come up with something new (and free) to put in it's place... A quick easy paper bunting project is the solution.


  • Construction paper cut into 1x6 inch strips
  • Decorative paper for the bunting (I didn't have any Christmas paper left so I just used construction paper)
  • White paint (optional)
  • White glue
  • Ornament hooks

Make a paper chain with the strips of construction paper by starting with a single loop and then threading a new piece through itto form another hoop. Keep doing this consecutively until you have the length you want (or in my case you run out of cut paper). Use the patterns below to cut out ornaments and bells. Next cut out the letters you'll need

  • 3 - r
  • 2 - m
  • 2- s
  • 1 - y
  • 1 - c
  • 1 - h
  • 1 - i
  • 1 - t
  • 1 - a
  • 1 - e

You can also paint the letters on for a MUCH easier though less uniformed approach. Lay out your bells and ornaments in a pleasing pattern and then glue down your letters. Hang the paper chain and use the ornament hooks to hang your letters ornaments from the chain. The pattern below is designed to print at 4x6 inches you can adjust it's size to fit your project.

Flower Clips and Head Bands

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  • Various silk flowers
  • 1/4 in ribbon
  • Felt
  • Gator clips
  • Hair bands
  • Buttons
  • Hot glue gun

Step one & two: Starting under the alligator clip hot glue the ribbon on. Then wrap the ribbon up and hot glue to the to of the cilp

Step three: Start by taking the flower apart from the plastic holding it together. Then hot glue the petals all together, ending with a button in the middle to hide the hole.

Step four: For clips Hot glue the flow directly onto the clip, for bands cut a square of felt and hot glue the band to the felt around the band.

Allow the glue to cool down and dry then wear them around.

Girls craft night kit $30. Includes the supplies for 3-6 girls (3 clips and 3 head bands - hot glue gun not included). Current colors to choose from are Purple (shown above), Bright Orange, Bright Red, and Cream.

Southern Snowflakes

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It's snowing back home and while the weather is cooling down here in Georgia I don't see any snow in the forseeable forecast so my toddle and I decided to remedy that with our own "Southern Snowflake"

Finished Product:

Step one: Gather up some leaves and get out the iron and Wax or freezer paper.

Step Two: Place the leaves sandwhiched between the wax paper (waxy side touching the leaves) and Iron on a low setting for about 10-15 seconds.

Step Three: Get out some white paint and glitter. Plae the white paint into a tubberware container and use a sponge brush to apply white paint all over the leaves.

Step Four: With the paint still wet shake glitter all over the leaves.

Step Five & Six: Place leaves on Wax paper to dry then hang them from string all around. Sorry for the poor pictures my old iphone is what I've got for a camera right now.