Lace Shorts

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So I saw this really cute idea on pinterest, it was lace shorts under a skirt. I had a pair of OLD pants (high school old) that I'm over and wanted to turn into shorts and an old lace curtain, so I thought I'd go ahead and make me some shorts.

Boys Vest and Crooked Tie Applique

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Do you applique? No, well it's super simple as long as you take your time and go slow! Two things I'm terrible at so if I can do it with moderate success so can you. These are two cute little onsies for my little man. His vest shirt matches the girlies and my Easter dresses I sewed now if we can only coordinate a niec group picture in our 'mommy made' outfits.


  • Onsie or t-shirt
  • Wonder under
  • Fabric for pattern
  • Pattern

I use Wonder Under because it gives me pretty consistant results but you can use your favorite bonding aide. Follow the direction on the Wonder under to transfer the pattern pieces and cut them out. Once the pattern piece has been ironed on to the shirt of onsie you'll need to zigzag stitch the edges of the pattern. I set my as close to the satin stitch setting as my lack of patience would allow. For the crooked tie shirt I used a straight stitch and wasn't too particular about being straight because I liked the effect with the crooked tie.

The patterns are free handed below for you to print out and redraw to the size you need for your shirts.

Easter Egg

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These little eggs are pretty simple and easy to make. When I was growning up we'd cut a little "door" in them and fill them with easter grass and candy eggs as gifts. You can also pop them over a strand of christmas lights to make a festive string of lights. You can vary the size balloons you use and create fun center pieces.


  • String (thin yarn or embroidery floss work best)
  • Modge Podge your your favorite de'coupage glue (you can also water down some elmers glue in a pinch
  • Balloons
  • strip of tape
  • needle.

Blow up a balloon to your desired size egg. Place a small strip of tape near the top of the balloon, this is where you'll insert the needle to let the air out of the balloon slowly instead of a fast pop so it doesn't pull in your string.

Delicately place a long strand of yarn into a dish with the glue. Once the glue has covered the string well begin winding the string around the egg in a random pattern.

Once you've covered your ballon up as much as you want find a safe place to hang it to dry.

Once the glue has dried pop the ballon with a needle inserted into the piece of tape. You are all done and ready to decorate with your eggs.

Old PJ Top to Dress for the Toddler

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The kiddo loves it when mommy makes her clothes and she loves playing in mommy's closet, so when she got to pick out something from my donation pile to become a dress for her she was excited beyond measure. I'm thinking of changing this blog to blind crafting because the kiddo sits in my lap while I sew and boy does it make things a little tricky!

Start with and old button down shirt. Trim it down in to a vest piece and skirt piece.

Use as many of the seams and hems as you can for quicker sewing. All I had to do was hem the arm holes, the sides along the top and then the skirt piece to the bottom. The whole thing took about 30 minutes.

See that little blonde head there in my lap? She just wants to see and do it all!

Gather the skirt bottom and pin it in place and sew it on the bottom of the vest piece right sides together. Thats it your done! I had to fix a few buttons and add a hook and eye to the collar but thats it.

Custom Designed

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From the bleaching process to painting and dye sticks I've been working on a few shirts these days that I thought I'd go ahead and share with everyone. They are all custom designed ranging from $16-25 a piece if any one is interested in some shirts.

Dye Stick: